Consulting. Business Representation

Information Services

In the course of many years of successful work, including in the field of information services in the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Spain, we have accumulated experience and contacts that are so important to our Customers for starting or running a business.

We are partners of such well-known and reputable organizations as Coface – the world leader in credit insurance, The American European Community Association (AECA), Warsaw Chamber of Commerce.

For over 20 years we have been engaged in economic analytics and econometrics, as well as journalism and integrated market research. Among the services we offer for the information support of the Customer:

  • preparation on original text, photo, video materials,
  • coverage of events taking place in Poland, such as conferences, meetings, negotiations, presentations, exhibitions, fairs,
  • preparation of legal materials,
  • preparation of analytical studies.

The cost of information services depends on the timing, volume and subject of the order.

Business Representation

In conditions of restrictions on movement between countries, as well as to save the budget, we offer to represent your company in Poland, including at business events, exhibitions.

We can carry out representation in whole or in part, providing the management of your company visiting our country with temporarily engaged competent and responsible personnel recruited according to your criteria from local residents.

Having the right to conduct activities, including labor, in the states of both the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union allows us to confidently represent the interests of partners in these huge markets.

All preliminary consultations are free and highly confidential.