Monitoring systems. Dashboards

InternetMaster is the developer of its own Internet monitoring system

A simple example: You notice that both your suppliers and your customers have become negative towards your company. Perhaps the answer lies in the “black” information background around the company? At your request, we will conduct a high-quality monitoring of Internet media, identify ANY “black methods” used against your company, as well as undertake an arsenal of opposing methods to protect your interests.

Both a one-time monitoring on a given topic and regular monitoring are possible. Regular monitoring involves a subscription, you can conclude an agreement even for one month. It is also possible to place the necessary information in the Internet media (press releases, articles, press kit, fact sheet, background, etc.) by additional agreement.

The program works with mass media and social networks in real time, is very compact, low resource-intensive, does not require installation on the user’s computer. It doesn’t take much time to search for information and structure it into a “report” (the program generates all specified “keywords” into a special report, which can then be easily analyzed).

Dashboards development

Информационная система многооконная, с удалённым распределением доступа

The development was carried out by order of the RTVN TV Channel and the Information Channel “City Pulse” (Co-Founder – the Moscow City Government).

The system has a multi-window interface, creeping lines, and other information blocks